• Jessica Dubrowskij

Borderland State Park - Engagement Session

Just when I had lost all faith in using Wedding Wire as a form of marketing, Ashley found me! Lord only knows what page she found me on but she stumbled across my profile and sent me a message about their upcoming wedding in October. Since I'm new to the area my calendar was wideee open for her and she officially became my first bride in Massachusetts! YAY!

Ashley and Ryan are thee sweetest, and I am so glad I got to spend this time with them for their engagement pictures before their upcoming wedding. It's so obvious that they are so in love, and that makes my heart so happy!

During our session I discovered that Ryan likes picking Ashley up, a lot. So I definitely had fun with that! With his hulk like strength I made sure to have him throw her over his shoulder and give lots of piggy back rides! We spent 2 hours together just laughing, and it was wonderful. Once they changed into their 3rd outfit, I learned that instead of bringing champagne they brought their favorite drink instead, Jameson. YES!

I did of course have shot in their honor, but keep on scrolling to see the great faces made during those celebratory shots below!


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