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  • Jessica Dubrowskij

Easton Country Club Wedding

As Jennifer put it "sneaking out, partying, getting licenses, first cars. We've been through it all together."

Jennifer and James' love story started when they were just 14 years old! It was so evident to see their love and connection with each other not only on their wedding day but also at their engagement session. They are so down to earth and their personalities couldn't compliment each other any better. I always like to ask my couples how they met and what their love story entails, Jennifer wrote the most beautiful couple paragraphs about their love for each other, and that to me is so telling about a relationship, how they speak about each other.

So I'll just leave a little blurb from Jennifer herself about their love because I think it speaks volumes.

" The best part of dating someone who’s known you that long is that you never have to pretend. When we fell for each other, it was for real. We never had to make ourselves out to be something we weren’t. We never had to fake the funk and play up our good side just to hide the bad. Being friends first allowed us to know the real us and because of that we never wanted to change each other. Why would we? Our raw, real, personality is what we love about each other. That includes the good, the bad, and even the very ugly."

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