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  • Jessica Dubrowskij

Rehoboth Wedding at Five Bridge Inn

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

The very first time I met these two was during our initial meeting at a Starbucks in Attleboro. I knew almost immediately that these two were the most kind hearted, down to earth people (and I know I say that about all my couples, but it's true! I'm so lucky to have such phenomenal couples to work with). We talked for an hour and a half about all their goals and ideas for their wedding in the coming Summer and I felt like I was hanging out with friends the entire time!

We did their engagement session in a pumpkin patch last Fall, and I soon realized just how sweet they were when they greeted me with a mix pack of some of their favorite beers for me to try! Fast forward to this year, they originally were expecting upwards of 150 people at their wedding but covid had other plans in mind. Roughly 40 people were in attendance, including themselves and their bridal party. Even with fewer guests they still decided to go the whole nine yards and held their "minimony" at their original wedding venue, Five Bridge Inn in Rehoboth. It was absolutely beautiful, and so clear how much they love each other. I mean just look at the way they look at each other!!!

I can't wait to celebrate with them a second time next year, and hopefully with so many more of their loved ones in attendance!

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