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  • Jessica Dubrowskij


I'm so excited (& a little sad) to announce that my little family is packing up and moving across the country to Massachusetts! It's a little bittersweet, as of course there is Andrew's family, my amazing clients and our friends that are here in SoCal, but we know that this is the best choice we can make for ourselves and our future.

We put this idea in place a little over a year ago, from there we did endless research on the state and the pros and cons of living there. We also visited a few times during different seasons to be completely sure. But when it comes down to it, anywhere is more appealing for cost of living compared to California.

Why Massachusetts? That's where I was born and I still have family living there. Moving across the country is a little less scary knowing you have family where you are going. We also are in dire need of seasons. We aren't your typical Californians, that bathe in the sun 24/7 and go to the beach every chance we get. WE HATE THE BEACH AND THE HEAT!! No one seems to believe us when we say that but we are built for cold weather right down to the sports we love.

Will you still come back to CA for shoots? YES! I know I will be traveling back and forth from MA to CA because of Andrew's family. When I know that I will be back in town I will make an announcement on my Instagram page letting all my amazing clients know!!

To sum it up, we haven't been this excited for something since our wedding. I hope you stick around and watch our adventure unfold! In the meantime, here are some precious family pictures the Amanda at DOSKOFOTO took!

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