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San Pedro Wedding - Mr & Mrs Feldman

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Kara and Alex's wedding day was absolutely beautiful! I hadn't met either of them until their wedding day :O But everything went so smoothly. They were so sweet and so appreciative, they deserved everything and more on their big day! I am so grateful that I was able to witness and be a part of it. And can I just say how absolutely blown away I was by how stunning her gown was?! I mean seriously.

Here is a little background on how they met!

"Alex and Kara met on a little dating application called, "Bumble", which is a location-based dating app that is unique in that only female users can make the first contact with the matched male user; Alex is shy. Essentially, Kara had to make the "first move" after they matched. Kara being...well...Kara, sent a "gif" of Fez from that 70's show drinking a pink strawberry daiquiri. For the next 20 minutes, Alex was enthralled, seeking to discover the deeper meaning underlying the image. Later, Kara disclosed that the cryptic gif really had no meaning at all. That is 20 minutes Alex will never get back. Flash forward to Kara deleting and re-downloading this dating app three times due to some dating app ambivalence, classic Gemini. Alex and Kara matched on each of the three separate occasions, a dating app record for them both. Finally, on a fateful Wednesday, which happened to be Kara's 30th Birthday, they matched for the third time. YES, for the third time, on the third day of the week, on Kara's 30th Birthday. This time, feeling emboldened, Alex asserted himself stating, "Okay, this is the third time we've matched. You have to let me take you out". Kara will tell you that this was the BEST Birthday gift ever as she hit the "Bumble Jackpot" with Alex! Kara was living in Long Beach at the time, so naturally Alex consulted his trusty Yelp app to find a hip spot to meet for a drink. Alex asked Kara to meet him at, "The Federal Bar" a bar located in a beautiful old bank building in downtown Long Beach. The date included witty banter, a few toy dinosaurs, a secret speak-easy, and a kindly older homeless gentleman who randomly joined them at their booth. The three of them have been inseparable since! No, not that kindly older gentleman, Alex, Kara, and of course their 11 year old Chihuahua, Pavlov!"

As you can clearly see they were meant for each other!

Venue: The Sepulveda Home

Coordinator: The Sepulveda Home

Dress: BHLDN

Florals: The Hive

MUA: Red Lipstick Creations

Invitations: Minted


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