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  • Jessica Dubrowskij

Newport Vineyards Intimate Wedding

Brandi-lyn and Bret hired me only 6 days before their Newport Vineyard wedding. Her sister reached out to me on September 6th, we had a phone call on the 9th and their wedding was the 12th! We may have only been in communication for 6 days prior, but when I arrived to their hotel rooms it felt like I already knew them. We had such a great conversation leading up to their day about their concerns and what they wanted from their photography.

Brandi-lyn let me know right away that everything she was wearing were pieces from some of the wonderful women in her life. Her earrings were her late mother in law’s, necklace, fur shawl and purse were her late grandmother's. She picked out her dress with her mother before she passed away as well. To top it off her veil incorporated her late mother in laws dress as well with the lace on the edging. Every single piece was just as beautiful as the next and I was so honored to document them.

They got ready at the hotel across the street from the venue, but instead of having the lovely ladies walk, we loaded up in my car and I drove them over! Newport Vineyards is such a gorgeous location, its a winery, brewery and amazing restaurant. Also, major kudos to the staff there because they treat wedding vendors PHENOMENALLY. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time a venue gave a shit about a wedding photographer, but not there, it was so welcomed.

It was a beautiful day from beginning to end!

Vendor Appreciation

Florist - The Secret Garden Jamestown

MUAH -Sarah Depault Beauty

Venue - Newport Vineyards

Dress - Hayley Paige Bridal

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