• Jessica Dubrowskij

Salem Engagement Session

During our FaceTime meeting, before they hired me to be their wedding photographer, I already knew that I would have so much fun with Francesca and David when we met in person. We bonded over video games! And the minute they get their hands on a Nintendo Switch we will definitely be having a Mario Kart competition! And if you didn't know already, now you do, i'm a big fan of video games and my Switch in particular :D

Originally I had planned for Andrew and I to take the day and spend it in Salem together, butttt I couldn't resist asking Francesca and David if they would want to meet up at sunset to take their engagement pictures were David proposed. And I'm so happy she said yes! We had so much fun wandering around the little town, and possibly being places we weren't supposed to be lol There were A LOT of laughs!

I always love seeing how my couples interact with each other during their shoots, and these two were the absolute cutest. They had no problem flirting and being playful with one another. There were also some very agressive booty bumps ;) It's so obvious how in love they are, its contagious!


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