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hi! im jessica.

for the last 15 years I've been so enamored with photography. the thought of being able to capture a moment in time and be able to save it for years to come has always held special place in my heart. when I first began this journey in high school I had no intention of turning it into a business, it was simply something that made me happy. of course throughout college and high school the camera got pushed to the back of the closet and never saw the light of day.

fast forward to 2015, I decided to dig my camera back out, and dive right back into the hobby that made me so happy. I did free shoots for family and friends until I felt confident and educated enough to start charging and get my business off the ground. at first I had absolutely no intention of being a wedding photographer. the thought terrified me, you can't mess weddings up! you get one chance and thats that. but never say never, right? now 98% of my calendar is filled with beautiful weddings and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

but besides all that good stuff, I have a bachelors in business management, a seasonal job as a Christmas decorator and a perfect little family equipped with a corgi. my husband and I have been married for 5 years and he truly is my best friend. we love traveling and trying new restaurants and breweries. we aren't city people but we do love venturing into Boston now and then to admire the cities history and eat of course.

Massachusetts Wedding Photographer
New England Elopement Photographer

my favorite things

bright, bold, traditional tattoos

my right leg is sleeved with them, if you ask nicely i'll show you



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