Wife, Fur Mom, Photographer.

I'm so glad you stumbled across my website and took the time to come read a little about the girl behind the camera! my name is Jessica, i''m 29, and a new resident of Franklin, Massachusetts. this past May my husband, myself and our corgi (Mickey), packed up our lives in Long Beach, California and made the move to Massachusetts. a lot of people think we are crazy to move from California, but unless you live there or know someone that does, you'll never quite understand the absolute ridiculous cost of living in that state. needless to say, we are the happiest we have been in a long time and have zero regrets about our move! the one major downside to moving across the country though... is losing all the ground work I did with my little business. starting over is a terrifying idea, but if you're here reading this, I must be doing something right! 

currently I have a full time job in an office, BOO! one day, hopefully 2021, I will be able to call this amazing thing my full time job. weeknights you can catch me curled up on the couch with my doggo and husband, watching chopped or mandalorian, drinking some kind of alcoholic beverage depending on my mood, of course.  the weekends are for capturing love stories and adventures to different pubs, restaurants or breweries around our area! 

Andrew and I have been together for almost 10 years but will have been married for 4 in October! WOOT WOOT! We truly do enjoy traveling to new places, but honestly our absolute favorite place to go is Hawaii. We got engaged on Oahu, watched his sister graduate college there, honeymooned on Kauai and then traveled back to Oahu for our anniversary. We love the island just not the island life, hence we live in Massachusetts. when we aren't planning our next trip (which is Tokyo btw) you can basically always find us in the comfiest clothes at home, cuddling our pup and probably playing video games. not gunna lie we can be pretty anti-social at times. 


my dog. he's a turd, judgmental and gives you mad side eye, but I love him to death. he's our baby!


Disneyland! not world. I was a passholder practically my entire life, minus maybe 5 years. the best part of having a pass was knowing it didn't matter if you rode anything, you could go eat, drink and wander around until you found a line short enough to hop on.


bright, bold, traditional tattoos. my right leg is sleeved in them and I can't wait to move to to the left! 


food and drank! Andrew and I love checking out new places to eat and breweries around town. I literally only workout so I can continue eating and drinking. our current fav beer is Pulp Daddy by Greater Good. If you haven't tried it head to costco while they still have some cans! 


Smile Darling Photography is a wedding photographer based in Franklin, Massachusetts.  
Servicing Franklin and the surrounding areas.