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  • Jessica Dubrowskij

Family Photoshoot at Turkey Hill

Since moving from California, family sessions have been few and far between. My business has definitely shifted more towards couples and weddings. While I love that this is happening, families still hold a special place in my heart. Family photography is what started my business, it was 95% of business to be exact! I've watched numerous children grow up in front of my camera, seen marriages, pregnancies and first birthdays and my god does it bring me so much joy!

So as you can imagine I was pumped when Lois reached out to me to take her family photos! We had such a great time wandering around Turkey Hill in Hingham. They were such a laid back go with the flow family. I'm a firm believer in letting kids be kids In front of the camera and that is exactly what happened and their gallery are some of my favorite family shots because of it!


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